The AWS-100 is for users seeking an on-the-go durable pocket scale for a variety of applications that include weighing food, coffee beans, dry herbs, gemstones, coins, gold, silver, gunpowder and more. You’ll also find many other features that make this economical, checkbook-sized scale a favorite of our customers. The flip-open lid protects the weighing surface that cleans easily. Buttons give you full control of taring as well as the ability to switch between grams, ounces, grain and carat. Its easy to read, even in low light conditions. Included is a calibration weight so you can have a reliable scale everytime. 
Key Features
100 gram capacity and 0.01 gram readability
Calibration weight included
Hinged Cover Protects Scale
Back-lit LCD
One-Touch Calibration
High Precision Load Cell



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